Rent out your holiday home to earn extra income with Bright Sky Holiday Homes


Rent out your holiday home, holiday cottage, challet or caravan with Bright Sky Holiday Homes. We will promote and rent out your holiday home hassle free. Reserve dates for when you would like to use your holiday home yourself or have your own rentals arranged (no restrictions).

​No sign-up fee, no monthly or yearly charges, just a low 10% commission for rentals taken.

Easy to Set Up

We will do all the hard work. Supply us with photos of your holiday home whether it’s a cottage, apartment, challet or caravan, an exciting description and any house rules. Advise us of your rental rates, when your holiday home is available to guests and we’ll do the rest. Advise us of any local attractions, reasons to visit or if it’s a caravan on a Haven site or ther caravan site let us know what it has to offer for the perfect family holiday.

​We will keep you informed of when your holiday home receives rental bookings. Payments will be made to you (less our low commission charge) every month into your account with a full statement provided.

Promoting Your Holiday Home

Your holiday home will be listed on our own web site where guests can search and book online. A home page banner (for a limited time and in rotation with other owners) will show off your holiday home to potential guests who can click through to book.

​Your holiday home will be listed on other 3rd party sites. We also use various social media platforms to promote your property.


There is no limit to how many weeks of the year we require to have your holiday home available for rental (unlike other rental companies). All we ask is that you inform us when it is available and we will block out any unavailable dates on the availability calendar. Therefore, you are free to use your holiday home whenever you would like and even rent it out directly yourselves giving you complete flexibility and no commitment. The only restriction being that you would not be able to use or book your property for dates already pre-booked by guests with us.

Fees and Services

We will list and rent your holiday home with no upfront charges, no sign-up fees and no monthly or yearly charges. We charge a modest 10% commission for all bookings made through us. There are no contracts or commitments, you are free to have your holiday home listing removed at any time.

​Our future services will include arranging for key handover on guest arrival and for your holiday home to be cleaned ready for the next guests.

We will be offering a Cleaning Service – To arrange to have your holiday home cleaned once guests have left the property ready for new guests to arrive. An inventory of items and a check for damage will also be made to ensure your holiday home is left in the same condition it was in before guests arrived. For any damage, marks or stains, photos will be supplied. A charge will be taken from the guests’ deposit to cover any damage or breakages. We will even arrange to have this rectified for you if required.

​Key Handover – For every holiday booking your guests will require a key to the property and then to hand this back on leaving. You will have the choice to arrange this yourself (we will provide guest arrival dates and times) or we will be able to arrange this for you. For a one off fee we will also fit a secure key box so the guests will enter a code to retrieve the key and then leave the key back in the secure key box on leaving, or you may already have this fitted.

​The cleaning service and key handover are not currently available (we are working on this).  These services will be chargeable and will depend on property size and location. These services will really set us apart giving you a completely hassle-free rental income.

Further Information

For further information, please us the ‘Contact Us‘ form with your requirements and a brief description of your holiday home and location.  We will contact you to discuss this further and to proceed with gaining your holiday home rentals.

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